Far Up in the Hill of Georgia | Mountain Day 2012

I love my college.  I. LOVE. BERRY. COLLEGE.  Everything about Berry makes me happy when I think about it- the memories I created, the life-long friends, the husband I found :), and so much more!  I love that Joshua and I both went to school together and dated in college, because we have so many of the same memories and events we share.  Every year, Joshua and I go back up to Berry on Mountain Day weekend.  I’ve only missed one Mountain Day weekend since 2001! (I even came up before I was a student to Mountain Day!)  It’s on the first full weekend in October to celebrate the birthday of our founder, Martha Berry. 

As a student, it’s a fun weekend to bond with your dorm and participate in the Mountain Day Olympics, to have family come up and visit at the Mountain Day March, to hang out with friends, to participate and/or go to the Mountain Day Talent Show, and to go to Marthapalooza (yes, our school has an on campus fair called Marthapalooza!)

As an alumni, it’s a great opportunity to come back and visit the campus, run the Mountain Day 5k, see friends from college, and just enjoy being at Berry!  This year was my 5 year reunion out of college… WHAT?!  5 YEARS already?!  Berry has an alumni event every 5 years for your graduating class, so this year, we go to participate in our first Mega Reunion as the class of 2007.  We had a banner and everything… hehe.

So thankful to have met this amazing man while in college!  Even more thankful to have married him almost 5 years ago!

Roomies for the first two years at school!  We sure did have some fun times- midnight runs to Wendys and Wa-Ho, pranking Pilgrim, and staying up late to hang out and talk!  Can’t wait to meet baby Evie in just a few days!

Roomies with their hubbies!  Love these two!

Love the sunglasses ladies!

Couldn’t have made it through college without these two!  Spent many late nights and early mornings with these ladies.  Student taught and pulled my only all nighter in college with Dana (left) and spent most of my junior year block w/ SS and LA w/ Kathi (right).  Middle grades forever!  Love you ladies!

Our hubbies are best friends, so we get to hang out a lot together!  Love ya Helen and Katharine!  So glad our husbands are friends! :)

Shanna (left) and Mary (right) just make Joshua and me smile when we see them.  They both have a genuine faith in God that shines through their personalities.  We don’t get to see them much, but when we do these two make us feel loved and appreciated- like they are genuinely happy to see us or something!

HAD to get a picture with Victor the Viking!  I mean, come on!  Who can’t LOVE our mascot, those handsome eye brows, and that awesome mustache?!

Liz and I did not go to Berry together- in fact, she is 9 years younger than me and goes to my church in Dunwoody.  But guess what?! She is a freshmen at Berry this year! All b/c of my influence and talking about how awesome it is… hehe. :)  So glad I got to see her on the mountain!

I’ll leave you for now with one of my favorite pictures of my campus- the Old Mill. :)

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